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We pride ourselves in doing a lot of business with new clients that have been referred to us from existing clients.

Here are some examples of what our clients think of us.

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?
I’m about to retire and needed help with two of my work pension schemes.

How did Mark Smallwood help you?
Mark was more than helpful in explaining my options and setting everything in place for me to make the right choices. He acted on my behalf dealing with the pension providers concerned and achieving the best possible outcome for me.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Yes, he helped when things got complicated, sorting things out efficiently and professionally. I’m very happy with the results he has achieved for me.

What could they have done better?
I don’t think Mark could have done anything better, I’m very happy with the help and advice he has provided me with.

August 2019

Thank you Mark, in particular for your patience and persistence with the company pension providers.

June 2019

Complex Pension Transfers

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial Adviser?
Wanted to understand our options re buying a property before selling our current property and need to find a lender who would meet our needs

How did the financial adviser help you?
Provided great advice on options and helped us through all the process and application forms. He did all the hard work re forms and accuracy of completion.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Absolutely. I will use Mark again for other areas of advice and have recommended him to others

What could they have done better?
I do not think Mark could have done better. He was brilliant at all stages

March 2019

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an adviser?
Looking for the best rate mortgage on a shared ownership property
How did Bob Gibbs help you?
Bob found us a great mortgage deal and was able to advise us. He also found us income protection and life insurance.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Yes we are very pleased with our services and products we now use.


February 2019

My circumstances were unusual in that I had an existing pension pot but wanted to use some of it to purchase shares in a property as part of my own business. Mark investigated all my existing investments and was able to advise how best to undertake the share purchase.

In addition, he discovered I have been paying well over the odds to my previous IFA for the level of services I have been receiving and so I have moved all my investments under his umbrella and in doing so I am now and in the future getting substantially more of a return on my investments

Not only have I seen the outcome I was hoping for as regards the share purchase, I have also found myself better off moving forward as I am paying far less in commission than previously.

Mark did all I asked and more. I am not financially “savvy” but Mark was able to explain what my options were, set out why he made the recommendations he did and carry out all the transactions with the minimum of effort required on my behalf. I cannot recommend him highly enough

November 2018

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an adviser?
I became a self employed contractor and wanted to set up a private pension
How did Robert Jordan help you?
Robert took me through the options of the various pensions available and helped me choose the right one for my circumstances.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
As it’s a long term investment, the final outcome is still yet to be determined for my available pension, but I fully expect the long term results to hit the values I am expecting.
What could they have done better?
At this moment, I don’t think Robert could have done anything better. I got the advice I needed and what I hope to be the best pension I need. When we do the yearly pension review we can discuss it’s current performance and then if necessary change things then.

November 2018

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an adviser?
I wanted to maximise my pension and understand how best to get the most of it in readiness for retirement
How did Bob Gibbs help you?
Bob recommended that I move my pension fund to achieve a better opportunity of return but with less risk than the one it was held in at the the time of the review
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
so far so good!
What could they have done better?
Bob does a very good job, provides sound, practical advice and his knowledge builds trust. He was well researched and unlike others who have said plenty, he delivered, which is extremely important. Keep up the great work


February 2019

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an IFA?
Being let down by another adviser badly.
How did Robert Jordan help you?
Solid advise in a down to earth friendly knowledgable manner.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Yes thanks to Robert
What could they have done better?
Im very happy with result

February 2018

Mark, thank you so much for your considered and considerable input today. It was so good to share with you the various scenarios we are involved in.
We can move further towards ‘estate planning’, thinking about our needs in later life and our Daughter’s future. Thanks to the searching questions you posed.
I am so pleased that we have made such a strong connection with you regarding the planning of ours and our Daughter’s future. We really value your honest and sincere way of working with us.

March 2018

I wanted to say another big thank you to Oak Wealth Planning and especially Mark for being absolutely brilliant through the whole process. We can’t express how grateful we are for all your support, advice and patience. We will gladly recommend your services to our friends and if we ever need anything in the future then you will be the first company we contact.

April 2018

Omar was recommended to me by a personal friend who spoke highly of him. We met a number of times over a period of months. Omar was extremely good at listening to my thoughts before making any suggestions. He was meticulous in ensuring that the products he was suggesting were exactly right for our needs. He inspired confidence, and always gave me confidence that he wanted the best outcome for me. He explains all aspects of the investments he suggested very clearly, both verbally and in his report.

We have certainly got the products that meet our needs, and have confidence in Omar’s recommendations.


February 2018

Following a review of my current circumstances and my hopes for the future, Jenny prepared my Independent Financial Planning Pension Transfer Proposal. This was detailed explained all my option and all the advantages and risks associated with each one.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Better than ever expected, the recommendations have now been taken forward and I now have a pension plan that really suits my specific needs.

January 2018

Bob provided us with advice suited to our longterm plans around purchasing property and how best to manage our finances in the interim. In addition Bob has managed our life insurance, investments for our children as well as our pension planning.

December 2017

He did ,(and does), an amazing job,clearly understands my needs and is very thorough,at no time did I feel pushed along a particular path. It was worth the fees just for the complex amount of form filling which I would have struggled with. He uncovered some happy surprises along the way, which I would have not known about. With something like pensions which you work all your life for, it makes sense to take professional advise and Clive knows his stuff. He has always responded fast to emails and calls.

May 2017

Rob was absolutely fantastic. He took charge and managed me. He came to my home when I needed to sign anything, he spoke about complex financial issues in a simple way and always took the time to write out the figures so I understand. He was open and honest with me and won my total trust.

August 2017

Initially, Mark had a long conversation with me in order to obtain all the information he required and when he fully understood my circumstances he clearly explained pros and cons of a few different deals available to me whilst also advising me on the wider context of the mortgage market. Once we agreed on the best deal Mark processed my application very quickly and he made himself available to answer my numerous phone calls and emails and was never too busy to give me regular updates on the progress of the mortgage application. Throughout the whole process Mark demonstrated excellent communication skills, he has shown a great sense of commitment and sound knowledge of the mortgage industry.

October 2017

Omar was very clear from the start that he would provide a thorough review of all our financial products. Omar is professional and was able to consolidate all our data into clear, concise information. It was evident from our initial consultation that Omar would be able to help us achieve our retirement goals.

Omar is a very knowledgeable, intelligent hard working financial planner. We had friends who recommended using a planner but we were initially put off by the expense, however, we have already seen financial benefits. Omar was able to answer all our questions and provide us with invaluable advice, he replies immediately to emails and we are confident that with his support we will have a financially secure future.


March 2017

Omar reviewed my policy and suggests several alternatives that would suit me better and in fact save me money. Omar explained the policies and procedures to me. I am not as financially savvy as I would like to be and Omar took time to explain everything to me to make sure I understood all the facets and all the policies on offer.

I am very happy that Omar has not only saved me money but also that he has found me a more suitable policy. I will definitely use Omar again in the future.

Omar could not have been more friendly and helpful. His approach is also very engaging and I cannot recommend him enough


January 2017

verified ‘vouched for’ client reviews
see what they say
“Mark listened to my mortgage requirement, and made recommendations and also gave advise based on my requirements. He then furnished me with a range of products, and we chose the one for us, at no time did I feel pressured to take any of the products, he kept a great line of communication open throughout the whole process, from start to completion, and was very professional throughout.”
“Jenny understood my needs planning for my future & explained it very easily.  Jenny provided quotes & obtained transfer values.  She was also easy to contact making me feel very valued.”
“He found out about a mortgage provider that we could comfortably afford with minimal fees, he then let us know about the benefits of having life insurance with our new mortgage. All of his recommendations and actions let us have peace of mind, he is a man you can trust and he had no issues with our thousands of questions.”
“Robert took the time to understand our specific needs before providing tailored solutions based on our needs. He saved us a bunch of money on our mortgage, even taking care of the paperwork so all we had to do was sign on the dotted line. How much we were paying as well as his commission were all clearly laid out. The same was true of the life insurance.”
“I don’t think Rob could have done anything better. We are all impressed with Rob’s skills as an adviser who researches all the suitable possibilities to enable us to decide together the best way forward. Indeed once an investment or mortgage is found he continues to provide the follow up support necessary. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to others as an adviser.”
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