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Summer Edition

Summer Edition

  Can we look forward to escaping from all this? To paraphrase a famous film line ‘It’s been a bumpy ride’. Far from knowing the way forward after the turbulent early months of the year, we are still in the kind of political limbo which can make forward planning...

Summer Edition

Spring Edition

Our Spring newsletter is a reminder of the tax changes coming from the new 2019/20 tax year – one of the few certainties in 2019. We also explore investing in infrastructure funds as an option for your portfolio, plus the impact of the increased odds of living to 100...

More than £3.2bn taken out of pensions without advice

More than £3.2bn taken out of pensions without advice

More than £3.2bn has been accessed as a lump sum from pension pots without any financial advice, research has revealed. According to analysis from Saga, which polled 2,000 UK adults, one in seven (14 per cent) retirees accessed their pension pots without...

Significant rise in lenders valuing homes below sale value

The BBC have picked up on another Financial 'hot potato' here. Who knows whether it's sellers being overly optimistic or surveyors concerned about a crash, either way it makes for an interesting read if you are thinking about moving house....

Equity Release

Ever stopped to think about Equity Release? Now could be a good time to talk When you are thinking about planning for your retirement, its important to take look at the whole of your finances, not just your pension, to see if you’re on course for the kind of...

Rob Cunningham

Rob and Omar would like to publicly wish our adviser Rob Cunningham all the best as he goes for back surgery today. We all hope you benefit from a speedy recovery . Should any of Robs client need assistance whilst he rests, please call our main number 01234 888825.

Congratulations are in order…..Clive Collett

Like most business owners, one of the first things I do in the morning is open up the emails to see if anything has dropped in my inbox overnight. I was thrilled this morning to learn that our very own Clive Collett had emailed me to say that he had passed is latest...

Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our privacy policy. We aren’t going to bombard you with yet another email about it, or hide it behind a sneaky marketing email....if you want to read it, it’s at the bottom of our website.

Telephony Issues

We do apologise but our telephony and internet provider have let us down and knocked out our routers configuration. This means we have had no internet or telephones for 3 days. We hope this will be resolved tomorrow, but in the meantime please use your advisers mobile...

Happy Mother’s Day!

There are many of our clients who are also incredible mothers.....have a wonderful day!

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