Protecting yourself and your family is one of life’s primary instincts yet it is estimated that there is a £2.4 trillion gap in the UK protection market, meaning many do not have enough or the right cover in place. (source – contractorweekly.com)

We work with clients to understand their protection requirements and ensure that they, and their families stay financially secure should the worst happen.

Are you sufficiently covered?

We know that being unable to work for whatever reason will lead to many different concerns or worries, one of which will almost certainly be how will your income be replaced.
Whether your priority is to cover yourself against serious ill health, accident & sickness or redundancy or a blend of all of 3, talk to us about putting a strategy in place thats right for your circumstances.
We appreciate that after a lifetime of working hard and building your own financial security that you may wish to think about leaving a legacy for others.
It might be that you simply want to ensure a cash legacy is in place or you might have concerns about your family having a large Inheritance Tax bill, either way speak to us about a relevant strategy.
We understand it is sometimes necessary to borrow money, for example when you buy a house. However, it is equally necessary to ensure that should you suffer a change in circumstances that means you cannot make the repayments, that you have a strategy in place to ensure that you and your family are not financially burdened.
Talk to us about appropriate plans you can implement to ensure you are sufficiently covered.
Suffering a serious illness or the unexpected passing away of a loved one can undoubtedly cause considerable distress for a family and can bring about financial implications. Have you thought about the lifestyle you would want them to have and how much they would need?
We can help you get the right type of protection in place and that all important balance between the amount of cover and the cost.
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