The financial planning needs of a company can be complex.

Whether it be helping you attract and retain good staff through a quality employee benefits package or ensuring that your business is protected should disaster strike, we will work with you to ensure your business has what it needs.


Even if you only employ 1 person, the chances are that you will have to set up a Workplace Pension. The process to evaluate the eligibility of your workforce and the impact on payroll can be complicated.

Our Workplace Pension specialists can hold your hand through the process and make sure you avoid any penalties, meaning you can get on with your main role……running your business.

To arrange a meeting with one of our specialists please contact us.

The loss of Key Personnel within a business can be devastating, not only from a morale point of view but from a financial perspective. Equally the loss of one of the owners can cause issues between the remaining shareholders and the deceased shareholders family.

We work with our Corporate client to understand the risks associated with their business and put in place the right strategies so that in the event of the worst happening the business can continue.

Talk to us about your business requirements.
Employee appreciation can dramatically effect a businesses ability to recruit, retain and boost morale of staff.
Small gestures can go a long way to creating a ‘feel good’ factor within a workforce, so why not look at introducing an appropriate Employee Benefits package within your business. Contact us to learn more.

It is estimated that over £700Billion of corporate cash is sitting in bank accounts earning nothing (source – prospectmagazine.co.uk). Understanding a large portion of that will be working capital or capital earmarked for other purposes. However there is also a substantial mount of money that is just being lazy and not working for business owners.

Why not talk to us about how you could invest some of this corporate money and some of the tax benefits of doing so.
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